Time flies when you’re with the right one. I’ll never say perfect because no one ever is and our relationship is nothing close to perfection though it may look #Instaworthy. Nor will I say “time flies when you’re having fun”, because as I always like to keep it real, I’ll be real and tell you that marriage isn’t all fun and games all the time.  We’ve learned so much in our first year of marriage and here’s what I’ve learned as we pass our cotton anniversary.

  1. Communication  Transparency

It’s cliche to say, but yes, it is key. It’s very easy to assume and predict until misunderstandings occur. You can’t ever be 200% right until you ask or in my words, taco bout it. So do. Take the time to communicate and set things straight all across all tables.

2. Arguing – Quality

It’s not a bad thing, I promise. I used to think there was something wrong with relationships upon hearing both parties argue. Something I’ve learned is, the couple who never or hardly does may have an unhealthy relationship. You and your partner are two different people and two different people will always have different views. Nothing wrong with that, just as long as you keep the argument respectful and healthy and remember that it’s never about “winning” because you both are on the same team. As backward as it may sound, arguing polishes you as an individual and you both as a couple.

3. Know your love language – Simplicity

Simplify the complicated through better understanding. Varick and I, as corny as it may sound always update our love languages by taking the love language quiz once a year because you do change as you grow together. It’s important to know each others’ love language so it’s better met. It’s super easy to assume you are meeting your partner’s love expectation, however, you’ll never fully know until you, well, know.

realationship, especially marriage is a job, but a fun one!  If built on Quality, Simplicity and Transparency, it can survive and withstand anything. We chose our Vrai and Oro to support and represent our love due to the brand’s stand on the same values as our relationship. Wearing the Vrai and Oro’s ethical bands from their Wedding band collection reminds us to stay true to us as a team through values we uphold. Vrai and Oro is quality built on truth and truth is gold in any relationship. Built on the frustration of unethical diamond mining, the brand stands for change. Partnered with Diamond Foundry, a solar driven Silicon Valley based company that has pioneered growing real diamonds through technology and transparently 100% cartel-free and sustainable. Something that Varick and I truly stand for.

Marriage,  needs upkeep and constant work because both parties are always evolving! Staying true to each other , leaving room for improvement, always and forever choosing each other, is how it’s built to last, like Vrai and Oro’s pieces.

Like us.

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