Born to roam, everywhere is home. I am a nomad.

I’ve learned more walking through over 24 countries than any schoolbook has taught me. (This blog post is sponsored by Sephora) I’ve found homes in the openness of the people in Morocco. In food curated warmly by Italians in the cliffs of Positano. In the warm smiles of the people I passed by in Vietnam. It the simplicity of livelihood in the Philippines. I’ve found a home in the vast mountains of Austria where though the people are amidst the coldest, extend the warmest of welcomes.  


The world is our home and not simply the corner at which we are stapled at. My everyday perfume reminds me to never settle at my corner. The inspiring notes of oakmoss, freesia and Mirabelle Liquor in Chloe’s Nomadcreates an exhilarating scent of escape that I can’t get enough of.

Sephora is my number one fragrance destination for all my holiday gifting needs for as long as I could remember! With their wide range of fragrances and prices, I am always sure to have something for each of my girlfriends and loved ones. My Chloe Nomad scent comes in a roller which makes for the perfect stocking stuffer for my girlfriends and fellow wanderlusters, only for $30! Not to mention how perfect the size is for on the go-ers like myself.

A Chloe girl moves. She is but not stagnant. She roams to learn, to live, to love. She is static – a nomad. I am her. Are you? To find out, Take Sephora’s Fragrance Quiz Finder