“Jeanne, you’re wearing color, are you feeling ok?”

For years I stuck to the monochromatic look since 2014 –  way before everyone and their mothers thought it to be cool. Now everyone is minimal. Everyone is neutral and black and white. Too many jumped onto that bandwagon and so I found myself jumping off and desaturating myself with color to stand out . (an oxymoron that totally works, in my opinion).

Without realizing it, I started incorporating hints of color onto my wardrobe and then into my life. This past fashion week was a colorful one for me (as many of you have noticed)With hues of pink to complimentary backgrounds, I found inspiration and (not gonna like), some excitement from my newfound love. I found a way to mesh being colorful yet still stay true to my minimalism and monochromatic love.

Not only do these bold color on color looks help you stand out during events and meetings, they speak loudly for itself.


  1. Monochromatic looks are fun, but they need a break to tie the whole outfit together. Paired my all red look with platform sneakers from POP shoes and a Balenciaga fanny pack.

2. Don’t forget that nudes count as monochromatic too. Play around with different textures like linen and knits within the same color scheme and use a metallic bag (From St Xavier) as your big POP.

3. If you’re not bold enough to wear big bold monochromatic colors, you can always start off small. Grey on grey is perfect for that start. Play on size and pair something tight with something boyish. Top that plain Jane look off with a pop of red via your accessories.