I love coming back home after a good vacation. Said no one ever but myself.

That was not a typo.

It’s been 3 whole months since the wedding aka, since the last time we went on a trip. For someone who travels for a living, three months almost translates to 3 long years. We decided to stay put at home after our big day in Bali, to focus on our new life together and settle in. I probably sound insane, but spontaneously booking a trip away to Mexico a few weeks ago was the best treat ever.

Until we laid on the beds in our hotel and couldn’t wait to come back home.

Dear friends, once you’ve laid on a Purple Mattress, you’ll never want anything else. First, know that every Purple mattress gets delivered through a white glove delivery service. So there’s never any need for you to struggle through any stairway, absolutely zero lifting and unpacking involved. Just wait, watch and lay back.

The mattress unlike the past ones I’ve lived in, keeps me cool during my sleep, provides amazing spine support and alignment plus (if you sleep with your significant other— this is important:) great edge support! This means, none of that fall-off-feel for your guys due to us ladies taking up the whole bed space.  All of these amazing aspects are all thanks to Purple’s Smart Comfort Grid coils! (I don’t want to spoil it all for you, so click here to learn more about this technology).

There are numerous types of Purple Mattresses, I opted for Purple 4: the one highly recommended for side sleepers (me), heavier or very light individuals (also me)’s Purple mattress review gives it a 5/5 for back pain, and I agree. I get to say goodbye to waking up with neck and back pains (which I struggled with almost everyday for about 3 years now), mid-sleep temperature issues (sweating) and constantly feeling like I’m sinking in while laying down (foam and tempurpedic products).

Don’t get me wrong, Mexico was fun and great! However, vacations become harder to go on when your bed starts to feel like one! No hotel bed can compare to my own now and I can’t seem to leave my purple each time.  And you know what they say, “Live a life you don’t need a vacation from.”  Thank you Purple Mattress for the gifted product!

In Partnership with Purple.