He popped the question. She said yes.  The rest was history.

Well, not entirely. 

I knew “yes” meant a great deal of planning. That “yes” meant a good amount of kaleidoscopal nights turned to mornings. That it all meant a good chunk of my time would go into another full time commitment leading up to the big day, also known as, the wedding planning.

Funny thing about the stress is, they had these familiar symptoms. Chills that got the hairs on the back of my neck standing. Dizziness. Heart palpitations.  I felt like I was falling in love, or just heard alarming news, or was looking over a precipice at something beautiful and mesmerizing, but dangerous. It was all too familiar and so I confidently coined these symptons, Inspiration. The good kind of stress that got me so excited about the whole process especially when Bentley Motors wanted to create with us and be a part of this chapter in our lives.

Inspired by Fitzgerald’s Gatsby and the luxury of Bentley, Varick and I wanted nothing but that mood to fit our party. We wanted feathers, frills, bubbles spilling everywhere and a whole of of dancing. You may say that this was where history played its partial role. Let the modern day Gatsby party, commence!

Our friends from Verve WinesBentley MotorsDryBarSugar Supply desserts and HOTPANnyc, along with a few extremely talented artists, teamed up to create nothing but a spectacle of a celebration to commemorate our engagement in the most enchanting way!

Getting ready with Drybar was never easier! A class of champagne in one hand and the other held by my maid of honor, I knew I was in in a good, safe pair ready to party! They gave me a 20’s retro up-do to go perfectly with our theme.

You can’t absolutely stress when Chef and dear friend, Kristopher Edelen of the Food Network (Chopped and Cutthroat Kitchen)and creator of HOTPANnyc comes to curate the most exquisite and ever so unique menu exclusively for our engagement party. Handpicked fresh ingredients tied in with his native post modern cuisine techniques made the meal one to remember.

Nor could you even sweat about it when Verve Wines, a new online platform for wine lovers, curate all your wine pairing needs to compliment every dish, making the entire process as easy as buying a new outfit.

And because it is never a Gatsby party without overflowing the room with talent,  American Ballet Theater’s one and only Kathryn Boren, artist and ballerina came to captivate us with a very special number while we clinked glasses of Winc champagnes introduced by Verve.

Hardly having photographers to capture memories back in time,  we wanted a similar authentic feel to that of the past. A designer and illustrator who honored us with her presence,  Aisha Lopez personally sketched our guests as souvenirs to capture the moments. Aisha’s mission of bringing full authenticity of traditional media whilst embracing modernism truly showed through every single stroke in all her sketches at our party.

The entire mood was truly set by the luxurious Bentley Motors. From experiencing The Flying Spur at the hour of being asked the most important, heart-racing question my life of “will you?”, to having them be a part of my “yes”, it is only proven that just as this car was made to throttled at 200 mph, it could truly stop time and really focus on the magical minutes that life gives you but once.

None of this ever so sensory experience would be remembered the way it should be if it weren’t for Tracy Nunez’s impeccable work of art that depicts the entire party which now gets to be framed and will sit in our home as a couple.


Her impeccable collage artistry that has been fine tuned with so much experience and talent got her to finely handpick images that visualized and commemorated the celebration. She created this collage as the party was occuring, making this a live art installation!

A true unique touch to our engagement celebration. Such a unique work of art will serve as a firm and enchanting reminder of the beauty of marriage, time, and that with the right one, there is only the good kind of stress.


This is only the beginning. Time to plan this wedding! #GreyGetsAGroom

With all our hearts, we thank everyone who was a part of this event! To those who are looking to create with the most talented, they are an email away from being booked! I highly recommend their presence at  your next celebration.

In partnership with 

Bentley MotorsVerveWine,  Winc, HOTPAN nyc, DrybarSugar Supply, Kathryn BorenTracy Nunez and Aisha Lopez

All images and video by Chris Zranchev