Leave the negatives behind. There’s 365 new beginnings waiting for you.

I’m not one for resolutions. I like to take each day individually and focus on the small things that make up the big ones. Like for instance being more present in the now right when I wake up, helps me remember to make my bed before my morning swipes on instagram.

I’m a huge believer in the magic of new beginnings just as Meister Eckhart had expressed. But unlike Meister Eckhert, I like to clean up before starting fresh. Don’t you?

A few things I like to do right when the year begins, or better yet, right before it does start, is clean.

1. Clean out.

I find that one day within those 14 days (last week of the year up to the first week of the year) to throw away anything that wasn’t missed within 6 months. If you haven’t thought about it, you don’t need it. So throw it away. You’ll be surprised how much garbage you accumulate within the year thinking you need certain things when in reality, you’ll just hate your sentimental side later on anyways. Just between us, I threw out seven garbage bags full of well… garbage, 12 luggages of old clothes to be donated or sold and was left with a cozy new pad with room for 2018’s new garbage #lol.

 2. Go away. Literally. 

I like to take trips away to find my equilibrium. This is the only way I get to stay inspired and centered. Recently I took a trip away to Tulum to breathe, re-balance and cleanse my energy. We ate whole foods for days, bathed in the salt and sun, got my chakras centered and subtracted a lot of the everyday noise from my life.

 3. Let’s get you cleaned up.

Clay and Honey cleanses are the best. A mayan technique that I learned while in Tulum, you simply lather yourself in a zinc clay mask. Your face, armpits, soles of your feet, back and ankles included. Then meditate. Think of all the tings you want to let go. Your worries, your fears, your trials, things that weigh you down. Transfer it all onto the clay while massaging the mixture onto your body. When you’re ready, immerse yourself in a nice warm shower or better yet an epsom bath while burning some incense.