I’m back and better. Also, slightly warmer.

For all of you who’ve been asking me over direct messaging and email on how I’ve been dealing with our so called Instagram Algorithm, I can tell you right now that I have not been dealing with it. I have not been thinking about it at all.

Think about it: is there really an algorithm, or have we become so utterly lazy even on social media that we have made it all too easy on ourselves to not even exert new, fresh effort into our art?


Old Jeanne was white, minimal to the bone, clean, and in retrospect tremendously plain. Nothing wrong with any of those adjectives. But you can’t expect growth without changes. Change is the only constant in our lives. And if you can’t join the constant, expect to get left right where you’re sitting.

I’ve kept old Jeanne as she is the root of who I am: minimal, clean but not so plain. Let’s be honest, #IRL, no one has the luxury of time to live in an always #instagramworthy life, so why stage images? Why hide away sugar packets off your brunch table flatlay? We all know every brunch table holds a generous amount of refined brown sugar for our #instagramworthy lattes. I used to be that girl, you all can agree to that. I’ve decided to make things more relatable, more human, more real. Stretch marks, confessions, no makeup, less perfect selfies, grains and all for the world to see. Ive converted my cool toned imagery into warmer ones which are easier on the eyes, more captivating to the heart and again, more human. People want to connect with what they see and interact with on the daily, it is our natural knack as humans.


Bentley has created the Bentayga for that same reason. The Bentayga is luxurious as it is practical in ways you would expect from an SUV created by Bentley. It was by understanding the needs and desires of the modern man and family that led Bentley to reappraise, reshape and redefine the Bentayga, their first ever SUV in the market.


Like the Bentayga, I took an off-road adventure which reminded myself that growth comes with changes, and that the road to change is never a one way street.