He arrived in my front door this morning and waited for me all day at home while I was busy at work. Hurrying home, all I could think of was him all over me , on top of me – invigorating, smoothening and cleansing! Yes guys meet: Frank Coffee Scrub.

 Frank doesn’t mess around. At the end of my shower, I covered myself in the stuff and scrubbed. You scrub all over, concentrating on any dry spots, stretch marks, imperfections etc. Now, be forewarned. Frank is messy. A bit of a nightmare if you are a clean freak. He is dark brown, smells like coffee and leaves coffee grits all over the shower. And then, for best results, you are supposed to stand around naked while it works further magic and dries. Then, you get back in the shower and rinse it off.

Standing in the shower naked for ten minutes sounded kind of awful so I brushed my teeth, did some merchandising analysis, and did some folding in my closet . Naked, covered in the scrub. I looked pretty terrifying. These are the benefits of living alone, friends.  But when I rinsed off, my skin did feel just like silk.  I’m hooked.

Frank is beautiful, Frank cares for me and thousands around the world love Frank. Frank Bod is a coffee scrub that is filled with vitamins and oils, developed to target cellulite, stretch marks, smooth lumps and bumps, moisturizes and improves skin tone.

Frank is the Sinatra of scrubs. The Clooney of Coffee. Irresistible and aaaall the ladies want him for their own. Cheeky and naughty just the way I like! Might be time to take Frankie boy home with you.  

Amazing would be an understatement for our first date. If he keeps up the dirty behavior, I foresee a long term relationship. Grab a date night with Frank ASAP at www.frankbody.com. Frank’s hometown is Melbourne, Australia but he travels worldwide to be with his babes.