As our wedding series continues, I wanted to get into the more serious parts of the wedding: Etiquette.

Planning a wedding halfway across the world took an army to put together. Unlike any other local wedding, destination weddings take about 70% more time putting together, getting to and creating. So before you treat it like any other local wedding, here are some tips and advice you.


Like every wedding, the whole premise of the celebrating is to keep the bride and groom happy. When it’s a destination wedding, practicality comes to play, but so does sensitivity as well to mind the balance.

  1. RSVP

Every detail counts, starting from the RSVP. Before sending your response, check your schedule, your bank account and your life. Ask yourself if you are realistically able to go. Make sure to heavily think about it prior to responding because unlike a local wedding, a destination wedding involves a lot more planning and hence more money, money people and so being considerate is of the highest importance. 

2. Bringing other guests

A lot of destination weddings keep the guest count to about 40 or less. The reason being that most of these weddings are smaller and more intimate. Please be mindful of asking the bride and groom prior to simply bringing along a travel buddy and hiding them inside your hotel room during the wedding as this could leave a sour taste in a lot of people’s mouths. 

3. Registry

A lot of Destination Weddings mostly do not ask for gifts, but monetary presents instead as traveling with heavy items is not the norm. If you are ever unsure, it is always best to ask someone within the party as well.


4. Remember to highlight the bride on this day.

This is not a biased typo. This is very important! A wedding happens once in most people’s lives. This may be the only ever time the bride and groom will ask special requests of you and be selfish. Let them and do not count those against them. Remember that they selected you among the minuscule number of people to travel to their special day because they know your character enough to understand them most specially on their wedding day and the planning itself. 


Keep these tips in mind. These are the ones that stood out to me on my own wedding day that I wish others would reflect on and improve on when attending a destination wedding!

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