Isn’t it crazy how one day you’re planning your 21st birthday’s first drink, outfit, guest list. All of the where’s, what’s and how’s and one day you’re here planning a wedding? No? Okay well here it goes ( just so you know lol.)

After the engagement, Varick and I wanted to let all feelings sink in through a much needed trip miles away from the city. We thought of  going back to where we felt closest to Mother Earth in, Bali.


While on the trip I started my check list: (TIP: You should get these out of the way primarily at the start of your wedding planning).

  Start guest list

 Figure out wedding budget

 Ensure engagement ring

 Meet with wedding planner

 Pick a theme and color scheme

 Put together your wedding party

  Research officiant

  Pick a season

 Lock in your date

  Book a venue

Seems easy enough, right? The rest was a breeze, except the last one. We knew what we wanted, but couldn’t put our finger on it just yet.  Bali is equivalent to going green for a few weeks. It’s like green juice for the soul, like a salad for your spirit. It heals you wholly (I kid you not). It’s amazing and I can’t stress it enough.

With all of Varick and I’s constant traveling back and forth through the lush greeneries of Ubud and Uluwatu’s sapphire blue waters , you may already have a hint as to where we are booking our destination wedding at!

I remember the first day I walked out of the plane into Bali like it was this morning. Hot, humid and all too familiar. Almost felt like I was coming home to a place I’ve never been to. Strangely comforting and kind. The air smelled of jasmine incense and greens. Lots of it. You don’t hear cars or planes or noise. Just our mother speaking quietly through rustling leaves, crashing waves, flying birds and blowing winds through your skin as if to say, welcome.


It was that same feeling that brought us back from miles away even before we landed back in Bali that made us both fly to her again. It was the same feeling Varick and I got that made us want to share it with all our loved ones in a few months! Bali feels so right!

We are so excited to bring our friends and family here to see our Bali stories come to life right before their own eyes. One down off our checklist. A few hundred more to go before the countdown! Are you ready? Because we are.