I absolutely love sweater weather. Fall is my all time favorite season! One thing I don’t love about it: my tan fading. 

After getting used to that perfect glow from the summer months, you find out that looking pasty just doesn’t look good with any outfit! I have searched high and low for the perfect way to extend my summer glow without turning orange and smelling like tanning lotion and figured it out: Vita Liberata, also known as your new soon-to-be addiction. ( The good kind, I promise).

Vita Liberata is an all organic, sunless tanning brand that provides the best spray tan experience and tanning products!

Before you freak out after reading the word “spray tan,” Let it be known that I’ve never had a spray tan prior to my experience with Vita Liberata due to the same fear as you: Becoming a real live Oompa Loompa #notcute.

As a huge spray tan skeptic, I was incredibly scared to walk into my first session. They have you come into the little tent naked, with only a disposable thong to wear. Your professional then assesses your skin and skin tone to make sure you get the right amount of glow that’s suites you best! She then gives you proper instructions on how to “tan pose”! Afterwards, it’s all fun from there!

I walked out of the tent in complete awe at how beautiful the color was against my skin. The all organic formula containing natural skincare extracts like Aloe moisturizes and gives you that long lasting glow that isn’t only fast drying but odorless and non-sticky as well! I was able to go about my day right after my session feeling so confident and beautiful!

I wanted to share this with you because days after my session, I received so many compliments on how gorgeous my skin looked! There was no trace of orange anywhere, just that perfect bronze look as if you just got back from a luxurious tropical trip! Now you know the secret to my super tan look 

Tips and Recommendations:

I highly recommend having Lili Solomon do your spray tan! Though everyone in the brand is a professional, she’s the best at it!

Before Your Spray Tan

  • No Moisturizing, ideally no moisturizing soaps during the shower or after (moisturizing botanicals are inside your VL tan!)

  • Removing makeup will help the tan last on your face but it is not a must


After Your Spray Tan

  • Plan to not excessively sweat (e.g. spin class, hot yoga) for 4-8 hours for the best tan development

  • Plan to shower no sooner than 4 hours after your treatment as well

  • Wearing looser fitted darker clothes if you would like but the tan dries instantly so you can put on your clothes immediately after

  • Use your VITA LIBERATA Luxury Tan products like their Tan Mousse to extend and care for your tan afterwards.