It’s Sunday night and you’re feeling some type of anxious way. Here’s how to turn that energy into a more exciting Monday.

 You had the best weekend ever. Boozy brunched, sweatpants, hair tied and chilled with no make-up on. I get it. But let’s face it, we can’t stop Monday from coming back around.

It’s never a bad thing. I used to hate Mondays so much, until I figured out ways not to. Imagine being excited for Mondays to arrive?

  1. Put together an organized checklist of everything you need to get done on Monday.

  2. In between your to-do’s, add in fun things you can look forward to! ( coffee breaks, friend meetings, lunch with your boyfriend.)

  3. Create a Monday playlist of your favorite weekend tunes.

  4. Add in a special block on your calendar after work. It can be your new weekly date night date, or girl’s wine night! You’ll be looking forward to something, which will make the day go by even faster!

  5. Plan a cute outfit to try on and strut on Mondays because you know what they say : ” You’re a lot nicer when you like your outfit.”


It takes baby steps to fulfill one big goal. Always stay positive and start your weeks right as best you can!