Jeans- these days we find ourselves wearing them tight and skinny. However, there is a fashion-forward alternative that makes you feel just as comfortable as you are in your favorite pair of sweats: the boyfriend jean.

Introducing one of Evolve Clothing’s new pieces and incredibly comfortable, ready to wear with whatever: The Boyfriend Jeans.  Think of that comfortable pair of too-big jeans you stole from your boyfriend, but fitted for a female body. The jeans are a medium wash, which I  paired with their black satin scoop neck crop top from YA Los Angeles clothing. To create a more tomboy feel less dressy ‘fit, I paired it up with my Jays.  


The structure is much like a pair of men’s jeans, but it is more structured at the waist. The leg opening is less baggy as well,  just a tad tapered in order to be tailored to the curvier shape of a woman. The jeans are perfect for spring, as they look best pin rolled.

The boyfriend jean is a popular bottom that can be seen on runways and retailers alike. The loose yet feminine feel of the jean allows them to be combined with a myriad of tops. Depending on which shirt you choose, you can transform your look from sporty to girly, from dressed up to dressed down.

If you’ve been following me before, you’ll know that I hardly ever wear heels, or follow fads. I love comfort. I used to be all about discomfort for fashion but I found other ways to stay fashionable and stay comfortable as well * grandma stat. I enjoy being in gladiators or Nikes.  I hate complicated. I hate thinking. I wash my face, forget to do my hair, pull out a white shirt and leggings or loose jeans and go. Primmed and well put together is out the door. Undone and raw is what’s in. Try it out.

[Jeanne] wears Satin scoop neck crop top from YA Los Angeles via Evolve Clothing Gallery ; Boyfriend Jeans in 24’s Evolve Clothing Gallery, shoes by Nike Jordans

Thanks Evolve Clothing Gallery for these amazing boyfriend jeans!