A disbeliever of that phrase until I hit my mid 20’s. Funny how you remember all the little things she taught you back in the day, now when you’re #adulting.

As I get older, I’ve been catching myself doing things that my mom would probably do. Things like creating new meals out of leftovers, folding underwear (who does that?) and taking really good care of my skin.

Being always on my feet, working and constantly doing a myriad of things at once, I look to my mom as an example of how a wonder woman does it all and still remains glowing and energized!

A few months ago, I came across a wonder that my mom and I began using and sharing together. Meet the brand fit for royalty: Borghese. Borghese is the holy grail of the Italian spa culture without having to fly hours away into Italy! With 5 easy steps to follow, you can achieve re-energized, glowing skin and lifted spirits like my mom and I, ready to conquer the day!

The secret is simple.

When you’re busy and on the go, it’s important to find products that do the work for you. These 5 easy steps from Borghese’s line, including their Gold Trilogy set, are simple yet so powerful, they’re fit for queens. Simply follow these steps and leave the rest to Borghese.

  1. For dirty skin – Cleanse with Borghese’s Crema Saponetta. Gentle on your skin but tough as a mother on the dirt.

2. When the day has dulled you down – Exfoliate with the Intensive Age Defying Exfoliator (part of the Gold Trilogy trio). Restore your spirits starting with your skin!

3. Because you deserve it – After exfoliating, we love masking with Borghese’s Radiante Revitalize and Firm Mask, which is also part of the Gold Trilogy set. Every queen needs her gold! This golden mask (great for selfies by the way!) helps moisturize, minimizes appearance of fine lines and leave you with a glow.

4. For eyes tired as a mother – We turn to the Restorative Eye Sheet Mask.

5. To stay hydrated- Borghese’s Radiante Renew and Restore Night Creme, part of the Gold Trilogy set, quenches our skin, leaving it soft and subtle, prepared to face the next day!


This Mother’s Day, give the number one woman in your life the gift of radiant, glowy skin and lifted spirits through Borghese! Pairing that with some time spent with my mom can’t be any better! I filmed this video and took my mom along to show you that you’re never too old to hang with your mom and you’re never too young to start a wondrous skincare routine.

 Being #TiredAsAMother is normal when you’re a working woman chasing goals. But as my mom has taught me, you never have to look it!

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