I’d be lying if I said I didn’t have any, tbh. 

Creatives need other creatives to keep the juices flowing. Mine aren’t the biggest, nor are they the craziest most famous ones. Hell, they’re not even all influencers. They are quiet, but the valuable. The ones who could care less what the popular is.  The ones with quality, more than anything. Need new people to check out and awaken some hearts? These will be your new go-to’s. Thank me later.


1. @jordanrisa


A good friend with the wittiest taste in her captions. Her #OutOfOffice posts will make you go gaga over booking your next flight out of town.

2. @maria_bernad


Not about your norm. She’s anything but when it comes to style with her signature bold bangs and heightened sass.

3. @coco_pinkprincess

4 .png

You think you’re cool until this six year old shuts you down — hard. Call it fashion or just plain life inspo, Coco will blow you away with her edgy cooler-than-you get-ups.

4. @theclassbytt


non-fashion platforms inspire the fashionista in me the most. Taryn’s inspirational messages awaken my soul like no other with her uplifting, self love messages.

5. @stylestructure


Warm tones, deep contrasts and luxe interior settings, Helen has taken the feed less traveled, the non-typical. Perfect to freshen your eyes from the cooler toned, too minimal, too plain setting. Get ready to be inspired.