While my closet has seen the wrath of my spring-cleaning, my hair hasn’t quite. Spring has sprung and being it summer now (almost), I thought, why not bring the oldie but goodie long hair back? It’s the time of the year for fresh and new and what better thing to bring back than the old?

(Full disclosure: In Partnership with Nexxus. All opinions are personal.)

So I did and here she is again! I love it! It’s made me feel a few ovaries more femme than I excepted. I now find myself dreaming of dresses, reds and corals and pink (say what?). What can I say, #NewHairNewMe.

Then the terror comes. “What do I do with all this hair? “ From a mere ten inches to twenty-two, I started to struggle in the mornings on how to style my locks.

Still being in my “trying-new-things” mood, I figured to try a new salon and a new stylist! Talk about spontaneity! I stepped into the newly opened Nexxus Salon in Tribeca to learn new ‘dos from the best while getting some “me” time in. Typically not something I’d do since leaving the comfort of my own stylist and salon can be the toughest thing ever.

Her name was Virginia and she made me feel super comfortable! From stepping into the light, airy, innovative space overwhelmed with so much free flow, to the stylists’ amazing personalities, the entire room was just bursting with a very at-home feeling I never get in any other salon.

They instantly gave me a hundred and one tips on how to care for my new long locks and taught me so many everyday easy styles I can do on my own. I was in so much ease as we started my little pampering session with the luxurious Nexxus Diamtress Volume shampoo and conditioner, styled with their signature products and finished off with long loose mermaid curls.

The whole process from entry to exit not only restored so much life to my new long locks, but also totally centered me back into myself, ready to take in the rest of the week! Come visit my second home whenever you’re in the area. They do not disappoint.

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