Social media is a funny thing.

It’s such a strong influential force. It’s got this freaky way of making you feel like you’re not good enough sometimes. That you’re lacking. That you’re still so far down have yet a while to go. Take it from an influencer herself. #WhoCanRelate?

But then there’s this stronger force that is lusher than our new age hypnotizer. Strength times ten, it makes you forget to check your phone. It makes you realize that everything is worthwhile. That everything is worth it. The hard work. The times when you’re too tired. The times where you’re a bit sad. In the end it’s all worth it because it really makes you happy. Sisterhood. 

Video by Yossuana Aguilar

If you think one day you can’t fly, they tell you to run and run with you.  If you can’t, they’re there to tell you to walk and walk with you.  Never asking you to change, only forever pushing you to become your best self, together. Never judging you to feel bad about feeling, but instead always nurturing each others opinions.

This is to the women who feel alone. Who feel sucked into the strong force of social media. This is to you, (yes you), who are reading this right now. Girl, you’re enough. You’re beautiful. God, you worked so hard to be sitting where you are now to think otherwise. You’ve come this far, to not only come this far. Real life is stronger and your bonds with the people whom you surround yourself with are even stronger.

To my girls who’s had my back through the most challenging parts of my life. To my girls who ate cereal with me on those times when we couldn’t afford a real meal for weeks. To my girls who stayed by me through the transitions my life was going through. Thank you for never leaving. Thank you for never changing. Thank you for the constant push. Thank you for the forever support. Because of you all, I am constantly strong and unbreakable and confident. But together, we are a force even more than that.

The video sums up the ratch-lorette weekend. But whatever happened in between stays behind the lense. However, to the bride-to-be’s and MOHs reading this, you get first hand advice from my very own Maid of Honor and sister down below:


1. Your top tips on teamwork and planning a successful bachelorette party?

Tip #1: Know the bride

To plan a bomb bachelorette party, the MOST important thing is to know the bride inside AND out.

Feel her vibe, and use that as a basis on planning the party. Depending on her personality, you’ll

know exactly how crazy to get. Keep in mind the things she loves to do! If she’s more of the low key type babe, there’s no doubt she’ll enjoy a cozier weekend with the girls. When you know the

bride, picking a location and creating the itinerary will fall come together easier.

Tip #2: Find inspiration to create ideas.

It’s easy to plan, but if you want to make things more special you have to find ways to make things more creative. The more creative, the better. I’m a Pinterest junkie, so I highly suggest creating a board and pinning all the ideas you come across. It’s something as little as making a scrapbook with all the photos from that weekend, or finding the right decorations to suite her personality that make the biggest impact on making the weekend more memorable for the bride.

 Tip #3: Stay organized 

You can’t plan without staying organized, especially when working with a group.

Tip #4: Rule of thumb: Active Patience 

This is both a fun and stressful event to plan. I realized the most stressful part was not everything followed as planned. There will be times when you have to change reservations because of time conflict, etc. This is

not a straight road, and you’ll have to be open to changes. Just stay patient, but don’t forget to act on these changes– have a plan B.

Step 1: Create a group chat that everyone can follow.

Step 2: Lay it all down on a Google spreadsheet that everyone has access to. (flights, itineraries, receipt coordination, etc.) It definitely made things a lot more organized because people no longer had to scroll through texts to find information–everything was just in one pace.

Step 3: Delegate, delegate, delegate

Let’s be honest, it’s not a one woman job. Don’t be afraid to assign tasks to the bridesmaids–after all it’s teamwork. Simple tasks like asking two girls to be in charge of searching for restaurants for the weekend feels the biggest weight off your shoulders! Ask for help when you need it. (And trust me, you’ll need it).

Step 4: Be Considerate

Understand that not everyone will be available when you reach out to them, and that’s okay. Remember

that everyone has different schedules. Work with it. When you assign tasks, assign them according to what will fit with their schedules. Delegate simpler tasks to those who are busier than others, like asking them to pick up a shopping list for example. Meanwhile, someone who has more time may be more likely to help with any DIY’s you have in mind.

Lastly, before finalizing plans, ask the others on their opinions too! Remember that this is a team effort.

It’s always great to get everyone’s input, and it also serves as an opportunity for any more great ideas!

2. As the youngest one in the group and the one who is least familiar with my friends, what tips do you have for other sisters planning their sister’s  bachelorette party?

I think the biggest tip is don’t be shy. I was pretty intimidated at first, since I didn’t know anyone. But I actually found this just as an opportunity to get to know them even

more! Try to communicate with them every chance you can, whether it’s through gatherings or group texts. You’ll end up being friends with them yourself, and it makes everything SO much better and more memorable!

3. Does it help that you are not familiar with my group of friends especially when delegating and speaking to them about responsibilities?

No, I don’t think so. I think the only challenge I had with being unfamiliar with them in terms of delegating

tasks  was that I had no idea what their personal schedules were like. I found it hard to gauge who had time for which task. Some of the girls were definitely busier than others, so not everyone was able to handle an equal level of responsibility simply due to time constraints. I was able to solve this issue through time. However, I don’t think I ever felt awkward  asking for their help, because I knew they wanted to make Jeanne’s weekend just as special as I did.

4. What do you suggest should they plan at 3 months before the bachelorette party?

The location. Planning the location three months ahead gives a lot of room to plan especially when it’s some place farther!  It gives the girls time to agree on a budget, which is one of the top 3 most important things to keep in mind. Remember that the budget plays a huge role in picking out accommodations, activities, decorations and more.

5. What do you suggest should be done planning at 2 months before the bachelorette party?

At 2 months, a rough itinerary should be created which consists of all the activities in store for the weekend.

6. What do you suggest should be done planning a month away before the bachelorette party?

A month before the party, transportation and stay should be completed. At this point, the itinerary should

be 90% finalized. Reservations should be  made, times of the activities should be properly reviewed to allow for ample time to get from one to another and to prevent any overlap. Small details should be

getting completed, such as a list of decorations needed, any outfit coordination, a list of restaurants nearby the location.

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