While everyone was out getting dressed in designers’ newest collection, here I was suiting up in pieces years older than I.

Walking into show and appointments wearing vintage pieces from my go-to vintage store, What Goes Around Comes Around made me feel special – not to mention memorable thanks to these wearable conversation starters!


I loved pairing this Comme De Garcons vintage wearable art in chiffon and cotton with a pair of mom jeans. I wanted to modernize the feel of the top and thought, why not leave some buttons undone? A pop of color was in order and I found the perfect red booties to go along for the ride.


I wanted a sexier feel for the rest of the night and thought of switching the denim into a black high waisted mini. I added in my favorite Chanel boots, and we had a winner!


Another winner in my books was the look I created surrounding the leather Dior corset. She had so much femme exuding from her that I had to balance out the yin with some yang by adding on a button down (which by the way is an amazing staple for any suitcase – take note).


Vintage oversized golden Saint Laurent jacket from What Goes Around Comes Around.

I wanted these pieces to stay true to their stories and be the center of any room upon every entrance whilst still embodying my own personal style: Blurred lines between masculinity and femininity while thinking beyond fashion’s conventions. There are no rules my friends, remember that.