Sisters Share Secrets


We used to share toys, now we share beauty tips.

I remember being kids watching our mom apply her favorite shade of lipstick and at night go through the most tedious skincare routine. She’d later on say how we’ll be doing those same routines, “just you wait”, she’d say.

Having a sister to talk to, exchange beauty tips and do them together is twice as fun than doing it alone! Now in our mid twenties, we’ve gone through all sorts of tips we’ve come to call our own — from eye creams for dark circles, to the best moisturizers for age prevention to now cellulite creams for a smoother bum to pair with all the leg days we do at the gym together! Now it’s our turn to share our newest tip with you! 

For those looking for the one system that not only works, but is vegan, cruelty free, sulphate free and overall calming, this is for you. Her Solution’s three step sculpting system has increased circulation and tightened our skin reducing some cellulites. The all natural ingredients has even reduced blemishes on my thighs from old razor bumps! My favorite aspect is how smooth and moisturized your skin feels overall after application. Doing the 3-step system is such a calming process overall!

  1. Sculpt with the scrub!

    1. smooths and tightens tissues with their anti-aging ingredients. (It’s so moisturizing!!)

  2. Firm up with the Collagen Mask!

    1. ( personally this is our favorite part, especially the beautiful scent!) helps reduce cellulites in your booty area, thighs and abdomen! Let it absorb and get going to step 3!

  3. Serum to seal!

    1. A serum that’s so hydrating filled with organic ingredients to seal it all in and work while you go about your day (or night).

I stand behind brands I love because they’ve given me amazing results! Its Her Solution’s three step system has smoothed out my rough bumps from razors over the years, it’s sculpted and diminished the visibility of stretch marks and overall has helped me sleep better due to how calming the process is as I’ve added it into my night routine! Made by women for women, the brand made sure to mix in only the best Ingredients that compliment each other, so you see the true difference after a few Applications of the system! The perfect way to start your summer skin and sculpt problematic areas is now!