A season for fresh starts, new growths and warm nights. I’m sure I’m not the only one that’s excited about it!

Nothing says spring like a day out at New York’s flower district. I love waking up early on the weekends for no reason but to walk straight into greenhouses and lust over all the blooms. There are so many things we have to put to a halt almost half the year due to the changing seasons. Visiting the lush blocks of 28th street is one of them.

 I always try never to come out empty handed, which means to take that time and do what I love best during this season! Just in jeans, a lazy button down and my favorite CLUSE La Vedette in White and Caramel feels the most chic yet comfy way to go about my morning.

My favorites are succulents, lechuzas, milfoils and basically any type that doesn’t need too much attention because if you’re anything like me who is barely home, you’ll want your plants as independent as yourself!

Central Park is blooming during this time of the year and what better time to take a detour than after my quick stops at the green houses! Sipping on iced coffee, kicking back and pulling back my hair never felt better!


Usually I take the time to stay outdoors and work from parks or terraces to get as much sunshine and fresh air as I could since months fly by and before you know it, New York City becomes frozen again.

My favorite part of the season is being able to spend time on my rooftop! It has so many wonderful memories and not to mention gorgeous sunsets! My new favorite CLUSE La Vedette in Gold and Black mesh matches the golden hour so beautifully that it never fails to be a reminder never to miss my favorite hour of the day! I climb up there almost every night just in time to catch her orange lips kiss the clouds goodnight.

It’s truly the littlest things that make the biggest impact in our everyday if we take the time to truly see.