It’s all fun and games.

Until it isn’t all fun and games anymore.

When I turned 26, I knew things felt more serious. I knew I wanted to move forward in the path I was on. In love, in my career and in my personal life. And so yes, I got engaged and now planning a wedding. I officially built GreyLayers as a full on business and opened our headquarters, organizing our little home and who gets to be what in each department. And yes, I got to do a lot of traveling, which was a huge goal for me growing up (tons of it, that I learned to miss home somehow). 

But the balancing act of always keeping things organized takes a toll. Humans are not built to have it altogether forever. Humans are not meant to be robots. Humans are built not to multitask. It’s shown in studies that we do best when we take charge of singular tasks in order to focus and deliver well.

Now juggling wedding planning,  a full on 24/hour business while still trying not to forget about myself, I must admit , I am hella stressed (as those in LA would say it). 

And I am done feeling that way. The balancing act had to stop. Full disclosure in case you forgot; I am human too. I may have it altogether for the most part, but I struggle occasionally too. Our struggles may differ but the person who gives the advice and inspiration may also need advice and inspiration sometimes. I’ve learned that to be okay to admit.

I’ve reorganized my entire life and learned to re-prioritize. My life comes first. I now listen to my body more. When I’m tired and my body asks me to kindly Netflix and chill for the night, I listen. When I’m hungry, I stop, sit and eat. When my body is going through writer’s block, dry and begging for inspiration, I drop everything and make it a priority to head to the nearest museum or park or even a book, to drink in an ounce of color.

Everything around you is important. But you’re the most important one. Don’t take yourself for granted. When your heart is well and good, everything around you will simply follow. So prioritize her first and foremost.