New year, same faves.

One of my favorite things to do, if you read my last blogpost is to purge. If it’s one thing I’m not, it’s a hoarder. Though there could be one thing I do hoard: Skincare products (only the best of the best ones, of course).

While I’m a creature of habit, you know very well that our skin is nothing close to being similar. It’ll love your routine for 872 days until the 873rd when it decides, “Hey, I want change.” And so change I give it.

After trying several products, stayed with a few, ditched a couple and shared my many loves, here’s the run down of this year’s bathroom cabinet #greyapproved skincaresentialls (Yes, I just made that into a word).


  || Ouai Anti Frizz Hair Sheets ||

Take it from a #greyonthego-er like me, this baby keeps my mane in place through thick and thin. Also who can resist the raddest packaging ever? 

  • || Fresh Rose Face Mask ||

A treat on its own, but have you felt the silkiness it leaves your skin? It calms your pores while hydrates! What better marriage can you possible find?

  • || The Ordinary 10 min face peel solution ||

Girls (and guys), if you do not have this on your bathroom cabinet right now, you’re missing out. The most basic blend of ingredients that’s so straight to the point, it’ll blow your brains away. Want to know what else would get you running for this at your local Sephora store asap? It’s only $7.00. Not a typo + it works so fast you won’t see it coming (the best peel I’ve ever tried). 

  •  || Tatcha Pure One Step Camellia cleansing oil ||

I discovered this baddie when I was in LA last fall and I forgot my cleansing oil in New York. Now I can’t even imagine how I used to live without it. In one go, it takes off all dirt and makeup off your skin while leaving you with the softest and smoothest face in the world. Did I mention it smells amazing too? 

  • || Melissa Flagg’s Posies Body Oil ||

I recently got into body oils. Fun fact about me: I never was a fan of lotions. To me it always felt incredibly uncomfortable. This has been a staple in my bathroom for about three years now. I empty out several bottles during the year! New year, new bottle though! 

  • || Cle De Peu La Creme ||

I have been on a hunt for the best moisturizer since forever until this beauty got dropped on my desk one day. The cream is as luxurious (if not more), than its packaging. Instantly tightens, moisturizes but never leaves a sticky residue that’s too heavy and BOY THAT GLOW it leaves! She’s worth the wait I gave all this time. 

  • || Estee Lauder Victoria Bechkam Morning Aura Illuminating Cream ||

I can’t ever do my makeup without this secret weapon. It gives me that glow base that doesn’t leave your foundation looking flat. Plus it keeps my makeup in place all day! 

  • || Cle De Peu Le Serum ||

Leaving your skin feeling like the softest cushion can be addicting. That’s why I’ve been hooked on this serum for so long.  I can’t do my routine without it. 

  • || Fresh Beauty Sugar Lip Polish ||

Okay, I don’t need to explain this. I’m sorry. You either have it and you’re nodding your head right now or you’re smiling because you know this is a cult fave!

  • || Fresh Beauty Black tea instant perfecting mask ||

I could tell you right now that this mask is the world’s most traveled mask yet. She’s traveled with me through all 20+ countries I’ve flown to. The instant results of hydration and plumpness don’t lie. Also, I might confess that the cooling effect it has, feels like a million bucks!


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