At exactly 8:17 pm, I found myself pulling up the blinds and splitting the curtains open. Eyes up at the tallest trees I could gaze at. Among the skies, I was home. The closest thing to it at least since Kona.

Post Hawaii depression is real, guys. Never understood it. It’s something you won’t be able to explain until you’ve gone through with it. Four Seasons Hualalai was home. She was luxe and grandiose and majestic as she was humble and calm and effortless all at the same time.

Upon entering, She had the warmest lobby setting inspired by different island cultures that portrait so many natural elements in all their beauty.

She sits right on the heart of the big island’s white sand beach with her award winning ocean front villas.

We were welcomed into our Ocean front suite with so much warmth that I completely forgot where I was. I was home.

From the well curated Polynesian inspired dishes to excited your palate, to a Garden spa  highlighting your wellness, each treatment fit to meet your needs, leaving you renewed and refreshed!

Having to choose my favorite experience from the Four Seasons Hualalai would be unjust as the entire stay as a whole was life changing in itself. So life changing that I learned how to swim fully in their King’s Pond. Home to 4,000 tropical fishes and 98 species with the entire pond carved out of natural lava rock, this experience sits right at the top three of my most favorite things about Four Seasons Hualalai. 

To top our entire visit, the concierge suggested we did the helicopter tour of Kilauea, to visit the Pele, the goddess of fire. While we were there for the lava and the molten experience, my breath was taken away mostly by the vast valleys of the big island. This experience is truly a must when visiting, especially because a percentage of the proceeds do go to the homes that were lost to Kilauea.

While majority would leave visiting the Big island at a standstill, I urge you to visit her. She is more than an island to be feared due to Kilauea. She is beautiful and her contrasts to the rest of the Hawaiian islands makes her even more rich and special.

Condensing this visit into one word would never be enough to justify my experience. So I urge you instead to stop in Kona when having Hawaii in mind and staying at the Four Seasons Hualalai while you’re at it, too.

In Partnership with The Four Seasons Hualalai