Too focused on the numbers, and you instantly lose sight of what you’re doing and why you started!

Sometimes a little inspiration is all you need. Sometimes it’s more than that. I get a lot of questions about how I either rarely write these days, or when I do, what drives me to.


  1. Understand your audience. – Talk to them. They’re not following you for no reason. They look up to you and love you and your work, they are your best resource.

  2. Content is King. – Do not simply post just to post because you haven’t in two hours. Statistics show that Instagram has over 700 million active users. Everyone is writing about their outfits, their Avo toast (don’t get me wrong, I love them too), what shoes they love. HOW DO YOU STAND OUT? HOW DO YOU MAKE CONVERSATION? Think about it.

  3. The best brands know that they are selling more than a product, but a lifestyle. – When creating content, just like you take the time to understand your audience, take the time to understand who you’re creating for. Go past the brand name, past the aesthetic and past the ingredients. Create mood boards and self briefs prior to shooting product.

  4. Understand the ‘WHY’ when planning content you want to post. – Consider current affairs, seasons and timing when posting(I’m not talking about hours here). An example: About 75% of content creators push Halloween and Fall content in October. Back to the questions in #2 of How do you stand out? Keep in mind Breast Cancer Awareness month also lands in October. Not many creators write about this topic. Take your own spin at Female Empowerment and get some conversations going.

  5. Be ruthless and  always change it up. -Don’t let a little thing such as an algorithm ruin your shine.

The priority is always to create high quality engaging content that creates conversation.

Don’t ever settle.